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L’Argument de Rouen 2018 : Gender equality.  Where do museums stand?

Organized by la Réunion des Musées Métropolitains Rouen-Normandie (RMM) and l’Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (INHA), in partnership with AWARE : Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions


Adèle Romanée, Autoportrait présumé d’Adèle de Romance dite Adèle Romanée ou Romani, 1793 ou Portrait de Mademoiselle Ducreux formerly known portrait de madame Vigée-Lebrun oil on canvas 176,5 x 130 cm © C. Lancien, C. Loisel /Réunion des Musées Métropolitains Rouen Normandie.

This multidisciplinary meeting, open to all, will be held in the framework of “L’Argument de Rouen”. It invites the public to question the ability of museums to be in touch with the societal challenges of our time. Through round tables and discussions with personalities from various disciplines, “L’Argument de Rouen” aims to question the link between museums, society and history of art, allowing this discipline to open to questions from other horizons.

The theme for L’Argument 2018 is :
“Gender equality.  Where do the museums stand?”.

Wed. 10 October 2018
Hôtel des Sociétés Savantes
110 boulevard Saint Germain 75006 Paris (France) — info[at]aware-art[.]org — +33 (0)1 55 26 90 29