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This index compiles the names of women artists in the field of visual arts, all born between 1860 and 1972, and regardless of medium or country. It is regularly updated with new artists, the biographical presentations of whom are excerpted from the Dictionnaire universel des créatrices published in 2013 in partnership with Éditions des femmes – Antoinette Fouque.

The index of exhibitions compiles the monographic and collective exhibitions of women artists organised by museums and art institutions worldwide.

If you wish to submit a new artist entry to the AWARE research committee or submit a new exhibition, please write to info[at]aware-art[.]org.


Malala Andrialavidrazana - AWARE
22.10.2019 — 12.11.2019
Cité de l'Économie, Paris (France)

Malala Andrialavidrazana

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Violaine Lochu, L’état des formes en présence - AWARE
06.09.2019 — 05.10.2019
Les Ateliers Vortex, Dijon (France)

Violaine Lochu, L’état des formes en présence

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