Edith Dekyndt

1960 | Ypres, Belgium
Edith Dekyndt — AWARE Women artists / Femmes artistes

Courtesy Galerie Greta Meert

— Galerie Greta Meert

Belgian artist.

After studies in visual communication, Edith Dekyndt attended the École des Beaux-Arts de Mons. In 1987, she undertook research on Piero Della Francesca in Italy. This only reinforced her interest in geometry and light and led her to collaborate with architects such as Olivier Bastin, who invited her to work in a studio in Brussels. Her experimentation revolves around everyday objects, which she observes as they undergo processes of transformation dictated by time. Her formal concerns thus naturally receded to make way for process. In order to record her experiences, she uses technological procedures like photography, sound, and installation, but also and above all, video. Nonetheless, she prefers more rudimentary means for the purposes of her experiments and questions some of the visual phenomena around us, at the limits of the perceptual, in a poetic and aesthetic approach. Her works prove to be physical and mental experiences based on elements or natural phenomena, like reactions to water or air in different forms.

This approach, which overall may seem banal and anodyne, produces some very dreamlike and fascinating results. It constitutes an opening towards a point of balance, somewhere between dream and reality, an invitation for the viewer to let go and delve into a timeless and intimate experience, to become aware of tiny details that have become captivating, ephemeral, and fragile: a translucent flag floating in the sky and liquefying in the clouds; a rubber band suspended as though it were weightless; a bubble of pollution that rises up to the surface of a puddle, or the turbulence of a thin layer of soapy water held between two hands. Edith Dekyndt is an atypical artist whose intangible pieces, made through a slow creative process, are not often exhibited. She is now considered one of the foremost Belgian women artists. She is also the founder of the Universal Research of Subjectivity label.

Laetitia Bahuon

Translated from French by Anna Knight.

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