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Actividades femeninas: Women’s collective exhibitions in Chile between 1914 and 1939

Gloria Cortés Aliaga


In 1927 the great Female Exhibition was held in Chile within the framework of the fiftieth anniversary of the Amunátegui Decree (1877), a precept that allowed women to go to university. The Exhibition was the result of a series of initiatives held by the high bourgeoisie that began in 1914 with the creation of women’s organizations such as the Women’s Art Society.
Twelve years later, in 1939, the MEMCH—the Pro-Emancipation Movement of Women in Chile—held the Actividades femeninas (Feminine Activities) exhibition, conceived as a response to previous experiences led by the elite, and focused on the political and social aspirations of women.


Art historian and curator with a broad knowledge of Chilean and Latin American Art from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. Curator of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile. Focused on topics of republican imagery, peripheries and gender studies in art. Author of Modernas. Historias de mujeres en el arte chileno (1900-1950),(2018 ed. Origo, Santiago, 2013).

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