Published on 09.04.2021

Interview with Judit Reigl


“The entire body of my work is one long series, from the age of three until today. […] Right from the start I have done essentially nothing but paint, or try to find a way to paint as much and as well as I possibly could.”

In the collection dedicated to the winners of the AWARE Outstanding Merit Prize, was published in April 2021, the volume dedicated to Judit Reigl (winner in 2017). It is the third in the collection after the books devoted to Nil Yalter and Jacqueline de Jong.
The next volumes of the collec­tion will be devoted to Vera Molnár (winner ex-aequo in 2018), Marie Orensanz (winner in 2020) et Esther Ferrer (winner of Marie Claire-AWARE Prize in 2016).

Editorial Direction
Matylda Taszycka
with Colette Taylor-Jones

Editorial Coordination
Manuella Éditions

Rousset – Templier

Hungarian-English Translation
Steve Kane

Mike Woods

Color Separation
Gérard Martini

Archives of Women Artists,
Research and Exhibi­tions
Manuella Éditions

The AWARE Prize for Women Artists is supported by the French Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
This volume was published with the assistance of a grant from the Région Île-de-France. With the kind support of Sygna Partners.


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