Sarah Lucas

1962 | London, United Kingdom
Sarah Lucas — AWARE Women artists / Femmes artistes

Sarah Lucas, Eating a Banana, 1990, silver print, 74.9 x 81.9 cm, Courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, © Sarah Lucas

— Kurimanzutto — Sadie Coles HQ

British visual artist.

Since the 1990s, Sarah Lucas has been recognized for her provocative installations and photographs infused with British wit and humour. She belongs to the Young British Artists group – made up of graduates from Goldsmith’s College’s celebrated Fine Art program – a group that became famous because of the Sensation exhibition (Royal Academy, London, 1997). In order to disrupt certainties, the artist deconstructs gender codes by mixing well-known artistic references with crude allusions to pop culture. After producing essentially formalist sculptures during the 1980s, she discovered feminist theories, giving her art its true impetus.

Her works are oriented around an exploration of the popular British media’s extraordinary focus on sexuality, violence, and sensationalism in general. For a series of photographic self-portraits (1990-1998), she adopted defiant, anti-feminine poses, exaggerating and blurring gender roles by appropriating masculine constructions as a way of challenging the spectator. She also creates installations that display easily-understood, bawdy allegories. In 1994, Au naturel showcased a certain type of sexual education, with her characteristic biting wit.

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