Published on 09.09.2022

Interview with Vera Molnár


In September 2022, the fifth publication of the AWARE Outstanding Merit Prize series devoted to Vera Molnár, winner of the 2018 edition of the prize, will be available in bookstores. The interview was led by Vincent Baby, art historian, curator and specialist of the work of Vera Molnár.

“I have the feeling that if you work hard and long enough, there comes a moment of surprise. Then you notice that something has clicked, and you’ve found something satisfying. (…) That’s what I’m still looking for today, with an experimental practice of trial and error, lots of variations and trying to understand what I’ve done by checking the measurements”.

The collection of interviews has been launched in partnership with Manuella Éditions for all the laureates of the Outstanding Merit Prize since its creation, with the objective of giving visibility to these artists and having their voices heard. These interviews thus celebrate their careers.

In November 2019, the first edition in the collection devoted to Nil Yalter was published, followed by those dedicated to Jacqueline de Jong (2019 winner), Judit Reigl (2017 winner) and Esther Ferrer (2016 winner). These will be succeeded by works on Marie Orensanz (2020 winner) and Barbara Chase-Riboud (2021 winner).

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The AWARE Prize for Women Artists is supported by the French Ministry of Culture.
This publication benefitted from the financial aid of the Region of Île-de-France and was supported by funding from Ekaterina Klim.


Event: Launch of the publication and inauguration of the mural by Vera Molnár at the Fondation d’entreprise Pernod Ricard

Saturday September 24, 2022
From 4 pm onwards at the Fondation Pernod Ricard
Free entrance


4 pm: reception
4:15 pm: inauguration of the mural by Vera Molnár
4:45 pm: concert by pianist Melaine Dalibert
5:30 pm: launch of Interview with Vera Molnár in the presence of Vincent Baby, author of the book
Until 7 pm: cocktail

Fondation Pernod Ricard
1 Cr Paul Ricard
75008 Paris


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