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Geometric abstraction
In the school curriculum
30.05.2017 | AWARE

Marcelle Cahn, Sans titre, 1981, collage on board, 28.2 x 21.4 cm, © Courtesy Galerie Lahumière

Straight lines, circles, diamonds, and triangles established themselves in their own right as an integral part of the iconography of abstract art. From the Cercle et Carré group (founded in 1919), which included Sophie Tauber-Arp, to Vera Molnár’s digital compositions in the 70s, women artists have taken part in the experiments of geometric abstraction since the early 20th century. Using oils on canvas, paper collages, or digital tools, a number of them turned toward this minimalist aesthetic, such as Agnes Martin, an American painter whose work was rediscovered a few years ago, and to whom Guggenheim New York has just devoted a retrospective.

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