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2018 Edition

© Photo: Margot Montigny / Konstantin Lunarine / Marie Lou Chabert / Marcus Heim / DR / Galerie Oniris – Rennes / © Christian Legay / Courtesy Nil Yalter

Four commissioners – young professionals from the world of culture: art historians, art critics, museum and art centre directors – have each selected two artists whose names are respectively entered in the prize (for artists whose career began less than 10 years ago) and for the outstanding merit award (for artists whose career began 30 years ago or more).

The commissioners for the 2018 prize are Étienne Bernard (director of Passerelle Contemporary Art Centre in Brest), Clément Dirié (art historian, art critic, curator, and managing editor of JRP|Ringier), Géraldine Gourbe (philosopher, research associate at the École nationale supérieure d’art in Dijon, and exhibition curator) and Hélène Guenin (director of the MAMAC in Nice). On January 24th, they will present and defend the work of their selected artists in front of seven leading figures in the world of culture.
This jury panel is composed of Alfred Pacquement (honorary general heritage conservation officer, former director of the musée national d’Art moderne – Centre Pompidou), president of the panel, Alexia Fabre (director and head curator of the MAC/VAL, Vitry-sur-Seine), Stijn Huijts (director of the Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht), Dominique Guyot (collector), Camille Morineau (director of exhibitions and collections of the Monnaie de Paris, co-founder and chairwoman of AWARE), Frances Morris (director of Tate Modern, London) and Floriane de Saint Pierre (collector). The nominated artists will have their works exhibited at the National Archives and each prize winner, announced on January 24th by the French Ministry of Culture, will receive 10,000 euros.

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